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How to choice the right led light box

Date: 2017-04-13
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Light boxes are one of the most effective ways of displaying posters for your business advertising. The illumination makes the poster glow, brightens the colors and makes it more noticeable to your clientele. While posters on their own can be effective, displaying them in a light box adds to their impact, draws in the eye and looks more attractive.

There are several different types of light boxes for poster display and each one has a role to play.


Waterproof light  box

The Lockable Swing Open Poster Frame is suited applications where exposure to the weather and vandalism is moderate . It is suitable for full-size posters which can be held in place by the integrated poster holder clips, which is a cheap but reliable poster case that displays information clearly and securely . Typical applications include movie poster frames , advertising , promotional and menu boards and notices in public places.  Frame color: sliver , yellow , god , black.

Snap frame light box

Thin  is in ! Sleek and contemporary , Swing Snap light boxes are only 4/5” deep. These functional snap- open metal light box displays utilize new edge-lit technology to brighten your Duratrans graphics , posters and advertisements while grabbing your intended audience’s attention . When you have a promotion involving several products a scrolling light box might be he answer. This alternates between two different posters, occasionally more. It scrolls from top to bottom and then back up again, so that the poster on display is constantly being changed. This adds visibility as the movement catches the eye of customers more than a static display does.


Dynamic light box

COSUN’ s dynamic light box has flashing and coloring changing visual effect .The light source is LED , not an  EL light box ,it will be a new revolution in the advertising industry. All text, graphics constant flash  , static and dynamic binding ,to attract attention, which meet the visual experience of the audience , to promote the advertisers get the most economic benefit.

COSUN aim is to help customers find the best solution for their purposes .Tale a look at the options available at we site at to light  up your products .

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