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A crystal light box has several advantages over other forms of poster display

Date: 2017-04-22
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One of the most useful ways of displaying posters inside your business premises is in wall mounted LED light boxes.A crystal light box has several advantages over other forms of poster display.

1. First of all the frames are neat and sleek, adding a more upmarket feel to a simple poster. There is a choice of silver and black frames, but custom frames could be ordered in any colour or finish that would complement your business brand.

2. Then the edge-lit illumination casts an even glow that brings the whole poster to life, making the colours brighter and making the text more visible even in low-lit areas. The glowing colours are more likely to catch the eye of your customers than would the flatter feel of an unlit poster. In fact certain statistics have found that light added to a sales message can increase sales by up to 107%.

3. Lightboxes used to be lit by fluorescent tubes, but today's LED light panel are more efficient in energy use, reducing your display related energy bill by at least a third over the older boxes.

4. Another consideration when you are assessing display costs, is that LEDs last much longer than fluorescent tubes. ON average the tubes would need changing after 18,000 hours of display, whereas the LEDs last for up to 100,000 hours. This reducing maintenance costs as well as replacement costs.

5. Modern LED cyrstal lightboxes are much slimmer in profile than the old fluorescent boxes. This means that they take up less space, sticking out less from the wall and so are more suitable for use in narrower spaces such as corridors and hallways.

6. Modern crystal  lightboxes are designed to be easy to access, so that posters can be changed quickly and efficiently, when one promotion ends and a new one replaces it. In-house LED displays might have a simple magnetic frame, or a snap frame. Ones for external use are more likely to have a lock or a secure fastening so that only the authorized staff can access the poster.

All in all LED lightboxes are an essential display tool for any retail business that will boost sales and look good whatever you choose to display in your advertising campaign.

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