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The installation and cleaning of the snap frame light box

Date: 2017-05-02
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Snap frame light box is a flat energy-saving ultra-thin advertising light box. Four-sided flip open easy to change the structure of the name of the name of the snap frame light box, also known as flip light guide light box. Products from the panel, light guide plate light module, flip aluminum frame composed of three main pieces, mainly for indoor exhibitions, public signs and so on.

Clamshell light box installation

1. Determine the installation location, according to the actual situation and specifications to determine the installation
2. Measurement size: according to the light box on the back of the mounting hole location or site size to determine the installation (according to customer needs to determine the size)
A) wall for the aluminum-plastic plate, wood, etc., can be direct with self-tapping screws
B) The walls are tiles or brick walls, drill holes can be drilled with impact, and then fixed with expansion screws
C) the walls for the marble, glass and other glass bits with the first perforated wear surface, and then drill hole expansion screw hole, and then fixed lightbox or the use of adhesive way.
3. Wiring: normal wiring exit on the back / side, if the field power on the back of the light box, you can lose the power cord plug, direct wiring, and the power cord with insulating tape tie; if the power supply in the light box, Then the power outlet line at the edge of the light box, and then plug the plug into the power outlet;
4. Fixed light box: the light box cover open, fixed installation point is fixed installation
5. Power on, clean the surface can be.
(Note: Do not use sharp equipment when installing dust, paper dust, and removing light box protective film before installing the membrane. Do not use random friction during handling to prevent the light guide plate from breaking.

The surface of the light guide plate is mainly dust, fingerprints, and residual fingerprints. Cleaning should pay attention
1. With a soft cotton fabric dipped in alcohol can gently wipe;
2. After wiping to dry, or light guide plate will leave a watermark, contact with the screen will produce bright spot affect the beauty;
3. If the light guide plate is not very obvious dirty, it is recommended not to wipe, to avoid the new scratches;
4. The light guide plate is easy to absorb dust when there is static electricity and is not easy to clean, it is recommended to use 1% soap and water, with a soft cotton cloth soapy soap gently wipe can achieve the effect of cleaning.
5. Light guide plate scratch processing and remediation:
Recommended shallow scratches wipe with alcohol, weaken the scratches; the deeper use of electric roller polishing is the common method of acrylic products.
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