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Choose light boxes according to your needs

Date: 2017-05-03
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In the light box to buy the use of the process, with the point of security is essential to the standard, high-power light box to be sub-line power. The light box of the plug, wire, connector must be reliable, safe. In the snap frame light box to buy the purchase need to pay attention to a few points.

1, safety first

In the process of selecting the light box, many customers only focus on style, beautiful, but often overlooked security elements, such as electricity safety, static electricity, suspension safety, etc., now the light box is more complex, whether it is to choose the wall or hanging must Strong, solid, light box installation must be a professional electrician to ensure safe installation.

In the purchase of the time must choose, there are factory names, registered trademarks, certificates, and invoices, etc., of course, brand lighting are generally warranty, warranty.

2. the "brand" or "no-name"

Brand light box quality is more reliable, many brand-name light boxes are often stolen, not only the quality of suspicious, warranty and warranty is a big problem.

Brand light box after-sales service system is relatively perfect, delivery, installation, accessories, maintenance, system improvement.

Brand light box prices expensive, but generally more formal. Many brand-name light box products, businesses in order to seek personal gain, how much can earn much, the price of light boxes are often no limit. based on the demand to select the product

Many consumers in the purchase time, we must choose according to the needs of the product, not because the light box is beautiful, or the salesman flicker and choose not suitable for the product, so the money can not buy the right product is not everyone wants to see To the.

4. environmental protection

With the expansion of market demand, a wide range of products also allow consumers to dazzle. Xiaobian remind you, in the purchase time, choose low-carbon environmentally friendly products, light over, too often cause visual fatigue, is not conducive to health. So when you buy can see whether it is LED light box.

5. guide light plate or lamp

Lamps according to different quality is divided into many types, in the light efficiency, energy saving rate, lighting quality and effect, life and so on are very different. Light guide plate is the use of laser light guide plate engraved concave light guide point, when the light hit the laser network will occur when the light reflection, through the laser network of precision design side of the optical launch to the light side, through a variety of different sizes Light spot, so that light plate uniform light. High luminous efficiency, low power consumption.


According to different places and needs to choose light box style and decorative style harmonious unity. Remind you, scientific and reasonable light boxes, will be in the interior space, exhibitions to achieve unexpected results.

COSUN lighting is one of the production of light panel in Shenzhen, has a mature experience in the production of Led ultra-thin light box, click on the link to learn more product information.


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