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Innovation to LED business will once again shuffle?

Date: 2017-05-04
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For the LED light guide plate awareness, many people have been confined to, intelligent lighting, the use of inlays on the ceiling. However, the latest data show that LED in the plant lighting, automotive lighting, acrylic light box, Textile Light Box and other fields will be widely used.

Plant lighting

Data show that plants are growing faster than traditional crops and planted plants, and that the plant is growing faster than traditional crops, which is particularly important for many areas that are not conducive to plant growth. But because the regional problems need LED will be different, which requires the local agricultural sector to cooperate in order to better use this technology.

Car lighting:

LED is replacing incandescent lamps in automotive applications for automotive exterior lighting. We all know that in the automotive system, high safety and reliability can avoid expensive maintenance. Therefore, the automotive industry is also using LED technology, in fact, the automotive industry is to further promote the field of LED innovation.

Crystal Light Box

A clear frame Acrylic LED light box solution that makes the best use of the aesthetic qualities offered by acrylic. The light radiates through the acrylic design that totally compliments the illumination of the image.

Ultra slim frameless acrylic double sided LED light panel suspended on ceiling mounted wires. Can be hung either as a single light panel or as a set of panels running vertically from ceiling to floor. Ideal as for shop window display systems that provide illuminated images facing both out and inwards. Images are quick and easy to change. An ultra-bright solution that works 24 hours a day in all light conditions.

Textile Light Box

Fabric Face LED Light Box have a printed textile graphic which is tensioned across the fascia by a silicon edge which is pushed into the aluminum profiles around the sides.This enables the light box to go up to super large format sizes with the additional benefit of an easy graphic change.

They are very adaptable and can be made to fit within recesses, around columns or even used face down on ceilings as ambient lighting feature.

With the LED technology continues to improve, LED industry in the known and unknown has a huge space for development. A business can not pursue the development of one-sided, innovation has become a necessary condition for the survival of enterprises, trying to expand the industrial chain to meet the ever-changing market changes.

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