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LED light box of the installation of the fabric light box

Date: 2017-05-09
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 With the continuous development of LED light boxes, fabric light box because of easy installation, not subject to size restrictions by the market.

Fabric box advantages:

1.Size is not limited, and now the market is a lot of light boxes are size restrictions, such as the ultra-thin light box, more than two meters is difficult to make, and the advantages of the cloth are not limited by the size of the box, very suitable for custom customers demand.

2.Energy-saving environmental protection, a square power consumption in 50w or so, compared to traditional light boxes to save electricity costs.

3.For painting convenience, with a unique four-sided open-type replacement screen, to solve the traditional light box can not change the drawbacks.

Fabric light box installation: because the lightbox is not subject to size restrictions, the use of a wider range, the installation has become a problem, then how to install the cloth light box?

1.Small size has been assembled pull cloth light box, the installation is relatively simple, ready to drill and cross knife, to determine the location of the installation, in the installation of the wall to play two holes.

2.Large size of the light box, it is recommended to install the site installation, to avoid damage during transport.will pull the light box of the four frame together to determine the good installation

3.will pull the light box of the four frame together to determine the good installation location

4.Punch holes in the mounting position, insert two screws at the top of the mounting position, hang the entire light box on the wall, and then insert the screws at the mounting position with the backplane.

5.After powering, observe for a few minutes to see if there is noise. If the noise is too large, check if the drive is aging.

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