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How to choose the light guide plate correctly

Date: 2017-05-10
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The design of the light guide plate is derived from the liquid crystal display of the notebook, and the laser engraving is carried out on the bottom of the optical grade acrylic sheet. The light guide plate is uniformly illuminated through various light density and different sizes. Then choose the light guide plate when we should pay attention to what?

Is the light guide plate thinner the better?

With the backlight module of the thin, the thickness of the light guide plate because the demand is getting thinner, the thickness of the light guide plate is generally expressed in mm, but also useful to T. The thickness of the light guide plate has an effect on the conversion of metering into planar light. Currently on the market is the most practical 4mn-6mm, there are 8mm. After testing, 8mm than 6mm light guide effect is good, 6mm than 4mm light guide effect is good. The purpose of the  reflective sheet is to reflect the light exposed from the ground back to the light guide plate to improve the efficiency of light use. So when the choice of light guide plate, according to individual needs to choose, rather than blind pursuit of thin, light.

What is the influence of the light output of the light guide plate?

Light guide plate with the light of the network and the use of ink printing ink has a great relationship. Network design is good or bad, a direct impact on the efficiency of light.

The network design with the ink has a great relationship, so the child can not blindly focus on network design, but also a reasonable adjustment of ink.

Lightbox how to choose light guide plate?

Light guide plate is the heart of the light box, so the network design is very important,the network design is poor, the overall light effect will be poor, there may be middle light, side of the dark; into the light on both sides, the middle dark; In the choice must pay attention to the design of the network, followed by the choice of plate.

Selection of manufacturers to pay attention to what?

1. Want to buy their own high-quality sheet, we must choose a good reputation of the manufacturers. Now a lot of production of sheet metal enterprises, mixed with poor quality of the manufacturers there are many, not because the price of poor product selection.

2. Light guide plate manufacturers have a lot, to choose to provide quality after-sales service manufacturers, only the choice of high-quality manufacturers, before and after the purchase to be quality assurance, maintenance and other benefits.

COSUN lighting is one of the manufacturers of Shenzhen light guide plate, you can rest assured that you want to buy the product, you can also choose to click on the official website to learn more LED ultra-thin cyrstal light box product information.


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