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let's started to make a LED light table

Date: 2017-05-12
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Step 1: use the white table top to mark on your acrylic light panel sheet the corners that need to be notched out. Then spray several thin coats of frosted finish paint over the acrylic. The more layers you apply the better. Only frost one side as well.

Step 2: Screw all clamp pieces near the bottom of each wide section. On the two smaller sections (not attached to the legs) slightly stagger the clamps because we need to overlap the LED strips on the small ends. They may be hard to see but if you look closely they are slightly staggered. We only did two clamps per wide board and it is plenty! You can always track down the lights and cords with the little glue strips included in the kit if they are not laying nicely.

Step 3: Once the clamps are attached with the mini screws provided in the LED kits you will want to insert the Acrylic sheet where the white board provided for the table would go. This is already notched out on each board and should slide in perfectly. This is why we notched the corners out.

Step 4: Assemble the table.

Step 5: Insert the lights into the clamps

This is how we connected our lights: We connected 2 strips directly to each other, one extension, one strip, two extensions and then the final strip. Make two of these.

Connect the two strips that are directly together along the long edges and the first extension will go around the corner, then the other two strips will clamp in over lapping each other (that is why it is important to stagger the clamps on the short ends)

Step 6: add the wires that connect the LED lights to the base adapter. We plugged them in and ran them both on the same side near the legs.

Step 7: place the "what is meant to be the top of the table" to the bottom right side down as shown in a photo.

Step 8: Apply 4 screws at a slight angle to secure the bottom plate to the table. We attached 2 screws on each long end of the table. Be careful not to go through the edge of the table and expose the point of the screw.

Step 9: Attach cords and adapter to the bottom of the table. We screwed the large adapter to the base and used the sticky strips for the connector piece. (this will look slightly different if using white LED lights, this is the adapter and set for the multi-color set)

Step 10: We used velcro dots to secure the remote to the side. Again this is for the multi-color set, for the white set it is just like a lamp switch on the cord, and this is not needed.

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