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The Panel lights of the four installation methods and differences

Date: 2017-05-15
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The first method commonly used office is the most simple and most common installation method: first, take a ceiling, the LED panel lights drive into the next to the ceiling, connect the power cord, and then put the panel lights can The.

The Panel lights of the four installation methods and differences

The second method is to lift, to use the hanging line. First, hang the four bases in the roof fixed to the roof, and then the four hanging screw into the LED panel lights, pull the steel plate to adjust the height of the panel can be.

The third is concealed. First with a pen to draw the LED panel light box to change the size of the inner edge, and then use the knife to cut, and then install the assembly box placed LED panel light drive, and finally, the lamp can be embedded in the conversion box.

The fourth method is to fit on the ceiling. First with a screw to the LED panel light conversion box fixed on the cement ceiling, and then connected to the LED driver, and finally forced to press the panel lights into the conversion box can be.

The Panel lights of the four installation methods and differences

Panel lights to install the difference:

Concealed LED panel lights are embedded using the installation, can only be seen after the installation of the luminous surface of the panel, the other are hidden in the ceiling or ceiling, the overall look flat and beautiful. Installed LED panel lights are installed directly on the top of the room, there are ceiling and ceiling-mounted, like a home-mounted ordinary ceiling as fixed at the top of the room, hoisting type with a rope or chain hanging in the top of the room, Features that can be see.


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