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The method of installing snap frame light box

Date: 2017-05-17
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With the construction of outdoor lighting project, many cities have begun to use snap frame light box, the construction of this project, advertising light boxes to provide a new market. Advertising light boxes are widely used in electronics, food, finance, transportation and other industries.

According to the installation of snap frame light boxes can be divided into wall-mounted and suspended type, how to install these two light boxes?

It will be better that the light box is installed by the professional wireman. the step: 

first: decide the place and the method according to your practical situation and the kind of the lightbox

second: choose the fixed method.

1.If the wall is made of plastic, wood or steel, you can fix it using the screw directly.

2.If the wall is made of cement or brick, you can drill a hole on it first, and then fixed it using the expanded screw.

3.If the face of the wall is made of glass, ceramic tile or marble. you can drill the hole on one face seeing the glass bit, and then drill a hole for the expanded screw. at this time you can fix the lightbox finally.

4.If the light box should be hung, you can install it following this: decide the fixed position first, and then fix the hanger, finally connect the ground wire.

third: connect the wire.

Light power cord in the back of the export side, if the light box equipped with light boxes in the back of the power supply can be cut off the power cord plugs directly wiring, connectors and power supply with a special insulation sleeve trust; if the light box equipped with installed power position , Lightbox that can be then export the power line in the edge of light, and then plug the three-phase power distribution outlet.

The use of electronic ballasts light guide plate light and easy to produce electric sensors, the installation of attention when then good ground.

forth: fix and check.

electrify the lightbox, check that if it works and be bright.finally, don't forget to clean it.

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