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Effectively pair the best LED light strip with you need

Date: 2017-05-20
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Often hear the customer said: "LED light box lighting can be further improved? Others home light bar brightness than you high, the price is cheaper than you." Today Xiaobian deliberately went to the workshop to do an experiment and found that customers provide 0.5W each lamp beads of light, the test time, less than half a minute light on the over.


We all know led strip light  brightness depends on the brightness of LED lamp beads and the number of lamp beads, but the brightness of LED lamp beads by what decision?


LED lamp beads brightness depends on the chip and the angle of the bracket, the chip is generally divided into discs and square films. The original film is not stable enough performance; the square film is generally measured in size, the same brand of chips, the larger the chip size, the higher the brightness, if you use a larger chip, the brightness can be improved a lot, but the light bulb brightness Is it better for me?


LED lamp beads brightness with the size of the current also has a great relationship. Xiaobian with everyone to understand the use of LED lamp beads current. The following recommendations are the maximum current when the lamp is working properly.


1.5630 generally recommend the use of current 100 / 160mA, the maximum peak current 300mA


2.2835 to see how much you use the chip, if the power is 0.2W, the proposed current 60mA, the maximum peak current of 100mA, if it is 0.5W, the recommended current is 160mA, the maximum peak current of 300mA.


3.5050 most of the use of 60mA.


Some businesses in order to pursue the brightness, will work current increased to rated current above, the consequences of this approach is the brightness will increase by about 20%, but a long time overload work, resulting in lamp brightness attenuation is very fast, light attenuation, dead light And other issues, serious may lead to a fire.


So, the simple pursuit of high brightness, but is harmful, it is recommended that customers in the selection of light boxes light, do not one-sided pursuit of brightness, according to their own needs to consider cost-effective, lightbox application requirements and the use of security issues, It is recommended that you choose LED manufacturers, to choose a professional manufacturers and products.


Cosun lighting to customers choose LED  strip light , the brightness will be relatively lower, but this ensures the LED strip light life and safety while reducing customer maintenance costs.


COSUN lighting is the Shenzhen light panel manufacturers, in the laser light guide plate and light box on the production of a mature experience. If you have any other questions, you can always contact us, or click on the official website to view more product information.



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