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The difference between the heat absorbing film and the reflective film

Date: 2017-05-23
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Currently, on the market, common car insulation film from the principle is divided into heat-absorbing film and reflective film. The heat-absorbing film absorbs the infrared rays by the heat-absorbing adhesive applied to the surface of the transparent polyester film to achieve the purpose of heat insulation, and the reflective film is a layer of metal or nanometer ceramic material sputtered on the transparent polyester film to reflect the infrared To achieve the purpose of insulation.


The difference between the heat absorbing film and the reflective film


The heat-absorbing glue of the endothermic film absorbs heat (the infrared in the solar spectrum), but the heat absorbed by the heat-absorbing glue is easy to reach saturation. When the heat absorbed by the heat-absorbing glue is saturated, the heat-absorbing glue will absorb the heat To far infrared radiation to the car, people feel hotter. The reflective film is the infrared light reflected the car, there are no secondary radiation problems, so as to fundamentally solve the problem of insulation.


How to distinguish between heat-absorbing film and reflective film


Method one: can be identified by the test method. Since the reflection type heat insulating film itself does not have a problem of heat saturation, the reflection type heat insulating film does not affect the heat insulation effect irrespective of how much power the iodine lamp (at least 500 W, preferably 1000 W) Heat-absorbing film can not be used for high-power iodine tungsten lamp for too long, so a lot of heat-absorbing insulation film dealer test with iodine tungsten lamp power is not great, and strictly limit the test time, because the irradiation time slightly Long, heat-absorbing insulation film insulation effect will gradually lose.


Method 2: Reflective test. As the reflective insulation film is reflected by infrared heat insulation, so you can choose a small glass, paste the heat-resistant insulation film, and then put the glass on the test before the heat source, and then turn the glass angle at the same time Face to feel, can obviously feel the glass will reflect the heat to the face; the same, into a heat-absorbing insulation film, the same method of testing, will not feel the heat is reflected over.


Method 3: deodorization test method. Heat-absorbing insulation film is the use of heat-absorbing adhesive heat to heat, so you can remove the glue method to identify, first of all at the same time take a heat-absorbing and reflective type of insulation film, with alcohol, carburetor cleaning agent, Asphalt cleaning agent or professional cleaning agent to remove the insulation film layer, and then tested, this time can be found in the heat-absorbing insulation film insulation properties no longer exist, and the reflective insulation film insulation effect almost no change at all.

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