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Self-repair of led panel light

Date: 2017-05-26
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As we all know, LED panel lights when in use, will inevitably be damaged or dead light of the situation, there are two major problems. First, power problems, the other is the light source. So how do we repair it?


1.Use a removable marker and mark out the side with the defective group of LEDs.

Gently sit the panel light on the clean, dust free, cushioned work platform already set out. Front face down.


2.With your pair of tweezers placed at one corner of the panel, gently lift out the LGP, and at an appropriate height, you may lift it with your hands and rest it on a clean surface.


3.The direction of the gentle force to lift to the diffuse.Make sure you do not scratch the surface of the diffuser.After removing the diffuser, rest it on a clean dust free surface.


4..At the side marked previously with the dead leds, carefully separately strip from the frame using the cutter.


5.With the new supplied led strip, solder weld the power cable to the end of the strip, ensure that the polarity is right, red cable to the positive terminal and the black cable to the negative terminal.


6.Gently place the diffuser back in place, sit one end of the diffuser on the aluminum frame and then proceed and fix the respective opposite side.

7. Proceed and place the LGP back in position, please take maximum care not to damage the LEDs on the strips.


After fitting the LGP in the right position and placing back the white PC reflector, now carefully run the cables to the side, between the LGP and the aluminum frame.


8. Slide back the cable rubber bush in the same position on the aluminum back plate, then proceed and secure the aluminum back plate to the panel by use of the screws. Ensure that the back plate is tightly fitted to avoid any dust from penetrating into the panel.


9.Power the panel and all should be well now.


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