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The appropriate lamp can give the lightbox extra points

Date: 2017-05-31
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Each light box must be accompanied by a complete picture of the light box makes the box becomes complete, and a good creative with the painting to make the entire light box advertising to play the most vividly, and therefore with the painting is very important! Creative is more important!


As the light box design process of particularity, the appearance of ultra-thin light box has been a limitation, in addition to crystal light box can shape other basic tend to square, and the type of light box is also limited, nothing more than crystal light box, aluminum light box, Magnetic light boxes, induction light boxes and other four categories, so a light box to be a perfect show, with the painting is a highlight of the point ... so how to design with painting it? We have to consider from two aspects:


One is to highlight the theme, not chaos. No matter what kind of advertising, have to consider the theme, in the posters try to highlight the theme, do not mix too much content, text, pictures, do not let too many elements disrupt the masses of sight.


Second, view the environment set style. Advertising depends on the surrounding environmental conditions, indoor and outdoor environment is not the same, advertising creative ideas should be different to attract customers eye.


The third is the seasonal fitness. In accordance with the seasonal advertising to do advertising, but also according to geographical distinction to advertise, do not do in the hot summer advertising down, do not hang food in the toilet next to the ads, so not only make a joke, but also a waste of resources.


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