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How To Soldering LED Strip Lights

Date: 2017-06-02
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Regardless of bends, twists, or turns, LED light strips can be modified to fit any application. Soldering LED strip lights allow for extended length, multi-strip connection, and secure bonding.


The following steps demonstrate how to split and solder a run of LEDs, but the same process can be used for joining two separate LED strips.


1.After you have determined where you want your LED strip light to be cut, use scissors or side cutters to cut cleanly across the strip. Make sure to cut only on printed points that have scissors graphic.

2.You will now have two LED strip lights. Carefully peel back the end portion of the paper strip covering the strip’s adhesive backing, and then remove the 3M VHB adhesive from the solder pads on the bottom side of one of the strips. The strip with its adhesive peeled back will be the top strip when soldered.

3.Properly heat your soldering iron. For best results, clean and tin the tip of the iron immediately before soldering. To tin the iron, touch solder to both sides of the iron’s tip.

4.Next, you will need to tin the solder pads on the strip segment that will be placed beneath the other. When soldering, always apply heat to the target area on the strip and not directly to the solder. Once sufficient heat has been applied to the area, start introducing solder.

5.Align the non-tinned strip segment ( the strip with adhesive removed) directly over the newly tinned pads, and apply heat. Hold the soldering iron in place until the solder remelts and begins to flow. To strengthen the bond and improve visual appeal, a small portion of solder can be added to the top pad.

The LED strip lights are now connected, and power should flow through the entire length of the strip.


Learn more how to soldering LED strip Lights at


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