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How to change the window disply light poster

Date: 2017-06-03
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Business more and more attention to their own product promotion, in the window, before we can see hanging advertising light boxes, many people will be curious about what kind of lightbox? How to replace the lights?


Lightbox features:


1.Energy saving: more than the same area of the traditional light box to use less light source, saving more than 80%;

2.Environmental protection: more than 95% of the material can be recycled;

3.Ultra-thin: thickness is a quarter of the traditional light box

4.Convenient: easy installation and replacement of light;

5.Even light: light uniform, flat light output;

6.beautiful: the choice of cold light on the picture for a long time will not have the impact of light and heat, no color aging phenomenon.


How to replace the lightbox poster:

How to change the window disply light poster



Like the wall light box most of the four sides open the choice of mode, the replacement screen is quick and easy, and hanging light box is selected on both sides of the opening, in the painting, you can choose the top open, pull out the lights, and then into the new lights.


The above is the characteristics of hanging lightboxes and replacement lightbos poster, if you any other questions please contact customer service.

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