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Date: 2017-06-05
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The colors you choose for your business will drive the mood in your space; the way you light the space can accent or detract from the color palette. If you choose dark colors and add intense spots of light, your patrons will be visually blasted by strong contrast, which in turn creates energy and excitement. Warm colors with subdued lighting create comfort and a cozy feeling for better intimacy. Cool colors with subdued lighting create calm and soothing energy.


Identify what mood you wish to create in your space. If you offer a dance and/or live music venue, allow for energetic light and color but keep some space for your patrons to take breaks from the energy so they can cycle between the dance floor and your bar and, in turn, stay longer. If you have a local hangout, choose colors and lighting that support easy eye-to-eye contact between patrons. Light your spaces with an eye toward inviting longer conversation and more time — meaning more money — spent in your bar. For instance, avoid green lighting over the seating areas; green does not flatter human complexions. Promote positive, confident interactions so customers feel good when they are in your business; it is extremely important to develop a “feel” for your customers.


Sometimes, a simple fix can make all the difference. Painting walls and adding some color to your bar setting can be inexpensive adjustments to your business and easily can create the environment you and your patrons are looking for. Even a simple lighted back bar can transform a space. Most importantly, it is the sort of renovation anyone can try! It just takes a little courage, hard work, and science.


Cosun Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of laser light panel in Shenzhen, has a mature experience in the production of light-emitting panels. If you're unsure about how many shelves or tiers you need for your venue, or simply have questions on any of our products.

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