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The difference between laser scribing & dotting of light guide plate

Date: 2017-06-06
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Currently, on the market there are two laser light guide plate production methods: laser scribing and laser dotting, Cosun lighting to share with you the difference between the two.

Laser scribing principle: the use of laser engraving machine, crossed the surface of the acrylic, the formation of reflective diffusion tank. In order to make the entire field luminous uniform, the more light from the light source, V-groove density is small. Far from the light source most of the light has been issued, the less light, V-groove density.




①: High light conversion rate (30% higher than the traditional light guide plate), light uniformity, long life, safety and environmental protection, durable and reliable indoor and outdoor can be used.

②: The same area luminous brightness case, the luminous efficiency is high, low power consumption.

③: The same brightness case, you can use the thinner products, cost savings.

④: Can use any point light source, line light source to do surface light source conversion, light source, including LED CCFL (cold cathode lamp), fluorescent tube, etc.


Laser dotting:


Using the pulse control method in the light guide plate substrate engraved on the concave light guide plate network, when the light hit the laser network point will occur when the light reflection, through the laser network of precision design will be reflected to the side of the optical side of the light, the use of laser network density, Size, depth to adjust the light guide plate uniformity and luminous efficiency.




①: Complete physical molding, absolutely environmentally friendly, there is no silk screen printing ink.

②: Photoelectric conversion rate of up to 80% -90%. Raw materials using optical grade PMMA and high-quality reflective film.

③: Durable, no light failure, long life.

④: Simple process, flexible and strong.

⑤: Personalized network design, the effective use of the surrounding small point of dense reflection.


Above the light guide plate difference, Shenzhen Cosun lighting is a light panel manufacturers, if demand can click on the official website to understand the consultation.


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