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Application of Light Plate in Subway Lighting

Date: 2017-06-09
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Cosun lighting production of the light board is mainly on the acrylic substrate engraved concave light guide point when the light hit the laser network will occur when the light reflection, the use of laser network density, size, depth of light to adjust the uniformity of light board excitation Light efficiency. The company's production of the light board in the Shenzhen Metro Line 11 put into use.


Application of Light Plate in Subway Lighting



  1. Power saving: more than 80% energy saving than traditional lamps.


  2. Low process cost: completely unable to shape, no silk screen printing ink.


  3. High brightness: the formation of pits on the acrylic plate, damage the direction of light on the light transmission material.


  4. uniformity is good: variable line light source for the surface light source, the light is more uniform and soft, more comfortable vision.


  5. Long life: from the impact of water and moisture, the service life of 3-5 times longer than the printing type.


  6. Widely used: subway lighting, signs, billboards, supermarket shelves, wine cabinets, bookcases and other fields.

The production of the light board in the production process will use the diffusion plate used to disperse the luminous flux, so that light evenly released, and support the backlight structure to protect the following optical material damage. The back panel of the light board is made of reflective paper, aluminum backplane or other, and can also be set according to customer requirements.


Cosun lighting is the Shenzhen light panel and light box manufacturers, in the laser light guide plate and panel lights have a mature experience. if you have any questions can click on the official website consultation customer service.


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