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A Summary of the Products Production and Transportation of cosun Lighting.

Date: 2017-06-12
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With the company customers continue to increase, new customers on product production, delivery, transportation has a lot of questions, today we to share with you product FAQ.


Q: How does the customer place an order?

A: You can order the official website of Alibaba and the official website of the company.


Q: Why is there no product price?

A: customer requirements product size, technology, models, accessories, etc. are not the same, the price will be different, the clerk will be based on customer demand to offer.


Q: What is the difference between laser scribing and dotting?

A: The crossed line is crossed on the acrylic panel, forming a reflective diffusion slot, dotted in the acrylic panel carved out of the network.


Q: How does the product be made?

A: Select the light guide plate and light board products, customers, if the special requirements of the customer to provide their own drawings, the two sides after the communication, according to the requirements of the production of products, choose to produce light box customers, simply select or notice the size.


Q: Many companies will play a sample you will not it is free?

A: The company will be based on customer demand to play the sample, but not free because the sample process and size is not the same, so the charges are not the same.


Q: What packaging is the product?

A: The company packaging method selection of wooden box packaging inspection will be light box after the package, into the wooden box after the foam, and then packaged, posted fragile label.


Q: How long can I deliver?

A: samples will be shipped to the customer after about three days of delivery, finished because of size, quantity, different technology, the time will be slightly longer, generally a week to about half a month shipping.


Q: What kind of delivery method does the company pay for?

A: the company generally use logistics, the goods are generally paid.


The above is the production and distribution process if you have any questions you can consult customer service.


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