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How to replace the ultra-thin light box lights and precautions

Date: 2017-06-13
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Every day we will see all kinds of LED ultra-thin light boxes, ultra-thin light box in the use of customers in addition to quality, the most attention is the installation of light boxes, how to install ultra-thin light boxes? What should I pay attention to during the installation process?

Lightbox installation process

  1. Place the light box on the table

  2. Open the surrounding aluminum frame

  3. Remove the surface panel

  4. Remove the transparent plastic film covered on the panel, if any foreign body can choose to wipe with alcohol.

  5. Will do a good job into the light, finishing flat. Note: the size of the light must be just too much of the four sides of the box is not on, too small will be the phenomenon of light leakage. Can not press the screen, otherwise, it will produce white spots.

  6. Replace the removed panel and wipe it clean. Note: must be dry and then put back, or there will be a watermark affect the appearance.

  7. Cover the four sides of the aluminum side cover.

  8. Install the light box, you can choose the wall or hanging type.

  9. Power on, check the overall effect.

The above is the LED ultra-thin light box installation steps and precautions, click on the official website to view more product information.


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