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How do lighting companies do online sales?

Date: 2017-06-17
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The Internet has infiltrated our lives, customers can stay at home can buy their own products, but the product of the various problems are constantly increasing. Many people will be in a variety of sites to see "buyers show" and 'sellers' comparison chart. So how do the lighting industry to do online sales?


1.Be sure to ensure product quality, take the light guide plate products, cosun lighting in the purchase of customers can choose to proof, so you can determine the product and then bulk orders.


2.Detailed product introduction, customers buy products, is to know what the role of your product, so the detailed product description is essential.


3.products must be true, the customer in the online shopping, the picture is a large part of the attracting factors, if your product and the picture is too much difference, may start to have customers, but slowly your customer source will be reduced, Will also be reduced.


4.Services, offline with online shopping can not match after-sales service, so the establishment of a sound after-sales service, is to improve product reputation and the second consumption of the "magic".


5.Delivery methods and cycle, in addition to customers understand the product, the delivery methods and the cycle also pay more attention to be sure to delivery within the agreed time, if there are special circumstances should communicate with customers.


6.Product innovation, enter a product online, you can find too many of the same product, in addition to price advantage, brand, we must focus on product innovation, so as to go in the network sales more long-term.


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