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Why LED lights bead dead lights

Date: 2017-06-19
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In the production process can be part of the lamp beads in the paste after the test process will always have a string of dead lights phenomenon. So why is there a dead light?

1. Welding process of the dead lights, some companies in the welding did not control the welding temperature, high welding temperature will cause dead lights.

2.LED and other internal connection lead disconnect, resulting in LED current through the dead light.

3. improper storage, due to unpacking after the issue of moisture, after the damp after the lamp beads pasteboard, after high-temperature welding, there will be thermal expansion and contraction of the gold line shift fracture, it is recommended to open the lamp after opening finish using.

4. Chemical cleaning, the use of chemical liquid cleaning may damage the surface of the LED colloid, and even cause the colloid fracture.

5. Thermal structure, power and light board does not match, because the power supply is unreasonable, the power beyond the maximum limit of LED, lamp cooling results unreasonable, will cause dead lights and light failure.

6. Static electricity, static electricity can cause dead lights, so in the detection and assembly, it is recommended to bring anti-static gloves, the use of ion fan to eliminate the storage and assembly process generated by static electricity.

The above is the cause of LED lights bead dead light, to learn more light bar information you can also click on the official website .


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