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RGB light source in the application of the advantages of light boxes

Date: 2017-06-21
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LED ultra-thin light box in the introduction, the customer will always hear the word RGB light box, then what is the RGB in the end it?

RGB is through the red (R), green (G), blue (B) three color channel changes and their superposition between each other to get a variety of colors, RGB is representative of red, green, blue The color of the three channels, this standard almost includes all the colors that human vision can perceive, is one of the most widely used color systems.

 The current display is mostly using the RGB color standard, in the display, through the electronic gun hit the screen in the red, green, blue three-color luminous pole to produce color, the current computer can generally display 32-bit color, More than ten thousand colors.

All the colors on the computer screen are made up of the red, green, and blue shades of different colors. A set of red green blue is the smallest display unit. Any color on the screen can be recorded and expressed by a set of RGB values.
In the field of led the use of triple-dot matrix full-color technology, that is, in a light-emitting unit by the RGB three-color chip composed of full-color pixels. With this technology continues to mature, led display technology will give people a more rich and true color experience.

Cosun lighting produced RGB light box selection of high-quality acrylic light guide plate, frame color can also be customized, the light box can choose the favorite color through the remote control. Remote control range of 10 cm, can support 10 meters of 30 lamp beads 5050RGB light or 5 meters of 60 lamp beads 5050RGB light bar, the maximum load of 72W.

Cosun lighting is the Shenzhen laser light guide plate manufacturers, in the light box production has a mature experience, according to the needs of customers put forward professional advice. At the same time, you can click on the official website to learn more product information.


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