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Light Panel industry, how to find market segments?

Date: 2017-06-23
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The main application of the light panel in the backlight and lighting, with the market segmentation, the scope of application is also constantly expanding, how to find market segments?


Why market segmentation?

  1. is conducive to enterprises to obtain consumer loyalty

  2. To help enterprises focus on the use of power

  3. To help enterprises to play a competitive advantage

  4. Will help enterprises according to market changes, adjust the marketing strategy.

How to market position?

For the light guide plate industry, we must clear their product advantages, in order to continue in the market segments to find their own position.


Europe and the United States be the mainstream of the application, but Europe and the United States on the overall quality of products and design are taking the high-end lines, which have their own requirements. Promote enterprises to continuously improve product quality, to expand market share.


In China, the Alibaba platform is more attention to quality, design, and service. Although the lower prices of businesses selling well, the price war for a long time it is easy to be replaced, tend to higher cost performance and performance advantages of products will promote enterprises to better develop new products to meet the needs of the market.


Above is the light panel industry, how to find market segments. Learn more about the light panel click out our official website.


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