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​Analysis on the importance of brand to light guide plate industry

Date: 2017-06-26
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First, why companies have a brand strategy


Mention the brand, have to say Haier Group, to 2016 Haier brand value of 221.865 billion yuan, Haier for seven consecutive years by the European International as the world's largest brand of large appliances. Coca-Cola's president once said that even if the Coca-Cola in the global factory all destroyed, it can still come back overnight in the mountains. Product brand as a huge intangible asset, the importance has been more than the land, technology, and human capital.


The main purpose of the brand strategy is:

1, very high visibility.

2, a higher degree of credibility.

3, the larger market share.

4, huge economic benefits.


Second, the enterprise in the brand building problems

1, heavy sales of light quality affect the brand image and promotion

2, that does brand is advertising

3, the lack of core brand value and lasting promotion.


Third, how to carry out brand building and promotion


Enterprise brand building focus on the following initiatives:

1, accurate brand positioning, is a prerequisite for the market.

2, to create a brand from the product quality, service began.

3, to create a unique brand culture. Brand as long as there is a certain brand culture, it may be fully meet the needs of consumers.

4, the formation of a unique core competitiveness

Looking at the world's top 500 companies, almost all of the technical capacity, innovation, strategic decision-making capabilities, corporate culture, brand image, customer service and other aspects of expertise

5, to have the overall brand of the plan for the enterprise, only a good product, not enough to create a good brand.

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