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Talking about the advantages of laser printing LOGO

Date: 2017-06-27
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LOGO everywhere, the corporate logo is not just a simple symbol, it is the intangible assets of enterprises, is the enterprise integrated information transmission media. Logo printing methods are inkjet and laser printing. Cosun lighting LOGO on the selected laser RBI or crossed, side stickers, customers can choose to light source, can be customized size. What is the advantage of laser printing logo?


1. Exquisite, improve the grade, physical molding, will not cause product deformation.

2. Permanent, you can print on any regular or irregular surface mark, not because of the environment and subsided.

3. Widely used, can be in a variety of metal, non-metallic materials processing.
4. High efficiency, the computer-controlled laser beam can move at high speed, can be completed in a short time.

5. As a result of laser technology and computer technology, as long as the computer can be programmed to achieve laser print output, instead of the traditional mold making process.

6. Laser engraved items fine pattern, accurate design, higher clarity.

Cosun lighting is the Shenzhen light guide plate manufacturers, in the light guide plate and its application products have a mature experience, concerned about the official website can learn more product information.



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