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What are the determinants of the price of the light guide plate?

Date: 2017-06-28
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Light guide plate industry continues to develop, a lot of customer consultation, will compare the product prices are low, your high prices, then the factors that affect the price of light guide plate what?


1.Customer source


Light guide board industry is facing the market is the country and even the world, concentrated customers more places, the larger volume, transport time, on the other hand, the farther away, the greater the cost of transportation, the overall cost will rise.




Lots of good plant rents more expensive, large investment, the cost is high.

Second production technology


The higher the level of production, the higher the technical content, the better the production of the product, while the greater the cost of investment, so the higher the price, the product price is relatively high.


Third, the price of raw materials


Production products will be incoming, for the entire lighting industry, the acrylic, diffusion plate, aluminum prices, product prices also will rise.


The above is the light plate price of the determinants, if any questions pay attention to the official website to learn more product information.

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