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Lightbox backlight module components​

Date: 2017-06-30
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In the light box we often hear the word backlight module, then the backlight module in the end what is it?


The main components of the light source, light guide plate, backplane, reflective film, diffuser, booster, black and white plastic. As the backlight requirements are getting thinner, so some need to add the aluminum frame.


General side of the light-type backlight module placed in the bottom of the light guide plate, the leakage from the bottom of the light reflected back to the light guide plate to prevent light leakage, in order to increase the efficiency of light use: and direct-type backlight module is placed The bottom surface of the light box is affixed to it, and the light beam reflected by the diffuser plate is reflected back from the bottom of the light box back to the diffusion plate for utilization.


The light guide plate is applied to the side light type backlight module, which is an important element which affects the light efficiency. The method of the injection molding method is used to smooth the wedge plate with an acrylic surface, and then use the material with high reflectivity and no light absorption. Laser dot or scribe to form a diffusion point. The main function of the light guide plate is to guide the direction of light to improve the brightness of the panel and control the brightness uniformity.


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