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产品名称: high qulity PMMA laser engraving acrylic light guide panel

rtificates:CE,UL, Energy Star, FCC,ERP,ETL 

Uniformity: >= 92%

Light efficacy: >= 85% 





COSUN’s laser dotted light guide plate has the distinctive characteristics: big size (1220 x 2440mm), customized size, ultra-thin, high brightness, uniformity, energy saving, environmental protection, no dark area, good durability, no fading, easy installation and maintenance, and so on.

Light guide plate can efficiently convert the point light source into the uniform panel light source. It is the latest achievement of the advanced technological integration of optics and materials science.

1. Because of no printing ink and more environmentally friendly, laser light guide plate is more suitable for exporting to Europe market
2. High Luminous Efficiency
3. Laser dotted light guide plate is composed by acrylic with high transmittance over 92.5% of imported optical grade (PMMA brand is Mitsubishi from Japan) and high quality reflective film, which can ensure 90% or above lighting uniformity and high lighting effect
4. Be durable, no fade and long life span, laser dotted light guide plate can last more than 8 years if being normally used
5. Free from water and moisture, cold resistance and high temperature resistant, more suitable for exporting to the countries and regions with bad climate conditions
6. Compared with the traditional screen printing, our laser LGP has changed all the disadvantages such as the complex process opening and the poor durability

>>> Comparision of Laser Dotted LGP and Silk Screen LGP



Laser Dotted LGP                  Silk Screen LGP
Reflector Unit Convex Concave Dots Flat Convex Dots
Reflection Medium Gasify on PMMA Ink Screen Printing on PMMA
Surface Illumination 20% More Than Silk Screen -
Uniformity Over 92% Around 75%
Transmittance Over 90% Around 85%
Etiolation Rate No Etiolation Around 5%
Dot Precision 0.2-0.6mm 1-2mm
Life Span 5-8 Years 2-3 Years (Ink Damp and Metamorphism)
Warranty Never Fade Gradually Fade
Environmental Protection Non-pollution Ink Fall off Easily
UV Strong Weak
Shape Cutted into Any Shape Fixed Shape



LGP is a transparent acrylic panel made from pure PMMA resin, on whose bottom face a dot matrix is printed or a line matrix is scratched. The light source can be installed on its edge(s). It distributes the light coming from the light source evenly over the whole upper face of the acrylic panel. It is a key component to maximize the uniformity of light, to make backlight slim and to reorient the line or dot light source such as fluorescent, decoration lamp or LED to the plate light source.


1) Square, round or any shapes                                          2) Thickness: 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm

3) Single, double or full edged illumination                          4) Raw material: PMMA ( MITSUBISHI brand)


high qulity PMMA laser engraving acrylic light guide panel


Feature and Advantage:

  • More than 80% uniformity, even 92% for small size

  • High Luminous Efficiency

  • Good durability, no dark area and fading

  • Long life, up to 8 years for normally used

  • Easy installation and maintenance

  • Environmental protection



Reflector Unit Convex Concave Dots
Reflection Medium Gasify on PMMA
Surface Illumination 20% more than Silk Screen 
Uniformity Over 92%
Transmittance Over 90%
Etiolation Rate No Etionlation 
Dot Precision  0.2-0.6mm
Life -Span 5-8 years
Environmental Protection Non Pollution
UV Strong 
Shape  Cutted into any Shape


Production process

high qulity PMMA laser engraving acrylic light guide panel




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