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产品名称: LED Light Source and Panel Lights Item Type 4mm light guide plate

Brand Name:EGV

Certification:CE, UL,RoHS

Lamp Body Material: Mitsubishi

max size: 1220x2440mm

laser dotted LGP


laser dotted LGP 
1) Customized shape and dimension 
2) Process: cutting, polishing, laser doted

competitive advantage:

 Laser engraved lgp better than ink printing lgp

For now, many factory in china are still use ink printing now.

From the appearance, they look the same , a piece of acrylic sheet with many round dots on it.

But for laser LGP, all dots are designed according to make sure the light is even on surface.

1. brighter

2.even illumination

3.indoor or outdoor applications

4.highest quality continuous cast acrylic

5.single or double sided applications

6. thinner


A:material brand:  mitsubishi PMMA

B:Luminous Efficiency(lm/w):80-85

C: uniformity:  90-95%

D: Life Span: 5 years

E:  Customised size, thickness:3mm, 4mm, 6mm

F:  Operation temp.:-20~50℃

G:  Biggest size:1.22*2.44m


   ulitra slim displays and signs

   indoor and outdoor illumination equipments

  slim light boxes

  led panel lights


  medical(x-ray viewing board)

  electronic(TV and monitor)

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